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Comparison of Cloth Diaper Brands

Take one look around you and you will quickly notice how the world of cloth diapers has changed drastically since your mother used cloth diapers. There are so many options and styles of cloth diapers available today it is hard to decide which is best for the price you will pay. So a quick look will help you to compare cloth diapers and find the best fit for your baby.

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One of the biggest brands in cloth diapers is the BumGenius. This brand has been highly recommended by mommas everywhere. Many swear by them and refuse to buy any other diaper. While they may be a bit more expensive than some diapers, the BumGenius cloth diapers offer one sized diapers that can be used from a newborn up to a toddler going into potty training. These diapers come in many colors and patterns including a fairly new artist series. The BumGenuis cloth diapers feature elastic in the legs and extra soaker pads in the top and back of the diaper making for effective leak control even for little boys.

Another kind of diaper which is good is the gDiaper. The gDiaper is a hybrid diaper which can make using cloth diapers much simpler for active and working families. These diapers are cloth but use disposable liners. These diapers are absorbent and have easy to remove inner inserts that also have liners to go over them. You have a choice to use the disposable inner soaker or the gCloth. The cloth is washable and all you need to do to make cleanup easier is lay a liner over the top. Whenever the baby poops you can simply flush the liner and throw the cloth into the wet diaper pail for washing later on. These diaper cost about the same as the BumGenius diapers but are versatile and environmentally sound.

If you wish to go a bit cheaper, there are the Econobum diapers. These diapers are cloth diapers made for the budget minded family. They are much cheaper than most other diapers but sacrifice some of the plushness and absorbability of other brands. However, these traits are slight and the Econobum diapers are the same as others when you try to compare cloth diapers. Also, these diapers don’t come in as many colors or patterns as other brands do. So if you are a fashion minded family, these may or may not be good for you.

Bummis easy fit diapers are yet another good diaper to compare to the others on this listing. Of all diapers, these ones will be sure to please all parents. They are easy to use like an all-in-one but can be added to like a pocket diaper when extra protection is needed. These diapers are budget friendly and come in many cute colors and patterns. As for washing, these are simply the best. Just throw the wet diapers into the wash, the inserts will come out on their own and will be cleaned with no extra step.

As with all things you invest in, you may want to buy a couple of each kind of diaper and test out yourself to see which ones will suit your diapering needs and desires. This is just a quick comparison of some of the top brands meant as a starting point. This is an exciting time in you and your baby’s life. Have fun and enjoy the journey your sure to go on when you compare cloth diapers.

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